Shakkai's Daylilies
A few years ago I began hybridising daylilies. While I haven't seen any seedlings flower yet, my first attempts at crosses and some of my thinking in making crosses is posted on My blog.

I've done a lot of 'research' into the Parentage of certain daylilies - as time allows I hope to convert more of the 'genealogies' that I have into HTML. I've also been reading a lot of what others have written about their hybridising (and about daylilies in general). A great source of information can be found at Brian Mahieu's new forum PollenNation.

I have grown species daylilies for some time now, and have recently become more serious about collecting species daylilies. You can find our more on my Species pages.

One of the most valuable resources of information has been the Spider Robin - a really great group of people with tons of experience. One member of the robin who contributed so much, Ned Roberts, is no longer with us. You will find a Tribute to Ned Roberts by the Spider group on these pages.

I have a particular interest in Spider and Unusual Forms. The Daylily links pages will give you links to the information I've found useful, they include the Unusual Forms definitions and Spider rules, as well as other great sites that have helped me in my daylily growing.
'Talon' (Ned Roberts, 1997)
My H. citrina