Shakkai's Daylilies
In my attempt to 'get serious' about collecting Hemerocallis species, I found the first obstacle straight away! Just what was 'the list' of collectable species? It seems it is quite questionable and fluxuating. That even before getting to any particular difficulties of identification - given some of the variety found within species groups.

It seems like I will need to do some research first. My first step was to investigate what it actually means to be a species - something that is far from being clearcut! I have started off with the concept of 'gene flow' or the ability of species to interbreed in the wild. Here is a page showing a comparison of the key factors in this - Species Comparison Chart.

I've started out with the Checklist of species based on the current (22 Feb 2008) Kew Monocot List.

I will add in references and links to useful sites as I can.

My ultimate goal will be to have a page per species, with information and photographs.