Banana Glow Fat Man Happy Hopi
John's Heritage Lavender Handlebars
Desert Icicle Dream Catcher Navajo Curls
Pink Rain Dance Purple Many Faces Spider Impostor
Vi Dawson Zuni Eye
Kachina Dancer Lobo Lucy Piglet's Mom
Skinwalker Taco Twister Talon
Adios Albuquerque Coyote Laughs Glen Eyrie
Iktomi Pink Piglet Pucker
Purple Corn Dancer Purple Thunderbird Raspberry Fling
Squash Blossom
Bark At Me Golden Eclipse Rosemary Whitacre
Black Ice
Apache Bandana Arms to Heaven Betty's Pick
Coral Eye Shadow Dancing Maiden Distant Star
Mama Cuna Medicine Feather Nathan Sommers
Navajo Grey Hills Poetic Dance Pueblo Dancer
Spirit of the Morning Winds of Love
Allison Sommers Aztec Firebird Black Arrowhead
Brer Rabbit's Baby Cheyenne Eyes Chief Four Fingers
Choctaw Chick Chokecherry Mountain Deltona Inn
Fox Ears Green Warrior Hello Butterfly
Hubbles Buddy Irish Handshake Jessamyn Grace
Kachina Firecracker Ojo De Dios Thunder Mountain
Truchas Sunrise Zuni Thunderbird
Allison's Curls Angels Reaching Ballard Clan
Big Medicine Burgundy Crab Chaco Canyon
Dixie Rooster Fingers of Time Go Seminoles
Goodbye General Custer I Ain't Nevah Kathryn June Wood
Kokopelli Laughing Feather Lemon Meringue Twist
Memory Number One Mount Echo Sunrise Muscadine Fairy
Ned's Pink Surprise Orchid Moonrise Raspberry Propeller
Red Handlebars Singing in the Sunshine Song Spinner
Spirit of Sapelo Trisigma Love Twirling Pinata
Wildwood Flower Ya Ya Girl
Coral Taco Creation Cricket Call
Dream Keeper Echo Canyon Kiva Dancer
Moon Over Chimayo Navajo Rodeo Raven Woodsong
Santa Fe Christmas Shape Shifter Star Over Milagro
Wild Rose Fandango
Apache Beacon Cripple Creek Earth Mom
Feather Woman Four Diamonds Just Precious
Kathy Macartney Koko Twist Legs Limmer
Licorice Twist My Friend Floyd Pink Enchilada
Purple Grasshopper Rainbow Serpent Strawberry Handlebars
Violet Song
Dooty Owl For The Good Times I'll Fly Away
LaMar Lime Slide Lucky Twist
Maya Cha Cha Ned's Bettina Ned's Elena
Pueblo Dreamer Purple Moonrise Rocky Mountain Pals
Skeleton Man
Ghost Ranch Green Tomato Land of Enchantment
Ned's Cricket On Point Papa Longlegs
Purple Moonrise
These pages are a tribute to Ned Roberts (1935-2006). They do not truly belong to me. They belong to the members of the daylily-spider list. More than that, they belong to Ned. For it was his spirit of generosity in sharing information, his passion for these flowers, and his skill as a hybridiser and mentor which inspired so many people to contribute to this project. It is a work that could not have been accomplished without those contributions, inspired by love and respect for Ned Roberts.

If you find any errors or omissions, please send me an email and I will correct it promptly.

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